I am a learner and a people connector who enjoys bringing like-minded people together to solve problems creatively & efficiently. My colleagues say I am a problem solver, learner, tenacious, adaptable, calm-oriented, organised and efficient.

I am passionate about solving business problems with technology. In my 15 years of international experience across India, Germany, USA & New Zealand, I have helped businesses make better decisions and improve performance by unleashing the power of their data through Business Intelligence & Analytics. My journey so far has taken me from helping C-suite execs and senior stakeholders in designing their Data Strategies to designing and implementing Business Intelligence & Data warehousing solutions using a range of technologies.

I know a lot about:

Data, People and making things happen.

Best advice I've received?

If your dreams don't scare you they aren't big enough.

Who do you most admire and why?

Focus, Consistency and Finishers.

What's your secret superpower?

Connecting people and living by Kaizen.

What's your backup career?

A podcast host or a writer.

What do you remember without effort?

Things about people - their stories, their lives.

If you had 5 minutes to teach someone something new, what would you teach?

How to get things DONE!